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The Phillip Island Day Tour from Melbourne includes observing thousands of Little Penguins shuffling out of the ocean and crossing Summerland Beach. The Penguin Parade is famous for visitors looking to see the penguins up close.

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Discover the Little Penguins of Phillip Island

When you're gallivanting around Victoria, chucking Phillip Island on your must-do list is a ripper of an idea. The joint's chock-a-block with stunners, from ace landscapes to top-notch ocean views. But, the real clincher for visitors is the famous Little Penguins.

Only a cheeky 90-minute trek from bustling Melbourne, Phillip Island's a beautiful spot to leave it from the city and soak up some of Australia's finest nature. The island's a fair dinkum list of over 100 things to crack into, including some of the best surf down south. But, the oversized ticket item is, without a doubt, the penguins. Phillip Island is the only spot on the globe where you can eyeball penguins in the wild at a commercial place. The Phillip Island Nature Park, where the little blokes hang out, was knocked up in 2006 and has been a hit with folks ever since it swung open its doors. These Aussie penguins are the tiniest penguins going around. They're famous for their nightly shuffle up the beach along Phillip Island's edge.

But why do these little legends pick Phillip Island for their digs? Keep reading to find out!

Little Penguins

'Little Penguins' hits the nail on the head for these critters, being the tiniest penguin species on Earth. They stand just a smidge over a foot tall and barely tip the scales at a kilo. Sporting dark blue feathers up top, white ones down under, and pink trotters, these cute little buggers will waddle right into your affections. They're all about the colony life, spending most of their time out in the drink chasing a feed, only hitting the sand come nightfall to kip down in their caves along the shore.

What is the reason for their visit to Phillip Island?

Little Penguins primarily live in the ocean, spending most of their time fishing for food. They can be found along the southern coast of Australia and New Zealand when they come to land. This has been their natural habitat for many years, predating human settlement in the region.

Little penguin colonies were once common on the Australian Mainland but have mostly moved to offshore islands due to dangers like construction and predators. Phillip Island has been home to penguins for thousands of years, with the penguin parade starting in the 1920s. The number of colonies on Phillip Island has decreased, with nine out of ten becoming extinct. Currently, there are around 32,000 little penguins on the island.

Where can Little Penguins be observed?

The Penguin Parade is the best way to see these cute little creatures up close. It takes place every evening at sunset on the island, allowing visitors to witness the penguins in their natural habitat. The attraction offers environmentally friendly viewing options for the Little Penguins. You can choose from different viewing options, including standard seating in the stadium on a first-come, first-served basis.

Go to the Penguin Plus programme if you want to get up close and personal with the action. This is an entirely different viewing platform located right in the action, closer to the penguins. The Penguin Plus platform is designed to replicate the natural surroundings of the beach, providing an unforgettable viewing experience. Here, you can also learn about the penguins' lives, antics, homes and history. This option is excellent for travellers who want to learn about these adorable little animals.

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And if that's still not enough, you can download the Penguin Parade app on your phone or tablet. The app will allow you to watch the penguins huddled in their homes! Every day, you can browse through the photos and learn new details about these little creatures.